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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Still Snowing!

I was very tempted to call today's post, 'Snow Day: Part Deux', as it has been snowing again, all day.  Have not even stepped outside today, and for most of today I have kept pretty much to the confines of my bedroom as I have been tidying and sorting it, and more specifically, I have been shredding paperwork, which was in desperate need of being done anyway.

I was supposed to have a doctors appointment this morning too.   It's my holiday, and I thought it was one the things I could do to get it out of the way, and do you know what, I thought I was being dead organized too.   Anyway 8am this morning the surgery called and said they weren't opening today because of the snow (8am in the fecking morning! Woke me up!) and they would be cancelling all non-urgent appointments, mine was at 10.15am, and rescheduling for this Friday.   Weather permitting obviously.   So at least they have managed to get me in so that's good.   I thought it was really good of them to phone me, and they were very apologetic.  Can't be helped can it.

Also today I indulged in a little bit of drawing as well.   I haven't really done much drawing lately, I did a little bit the other week, but today was the first time I really had a proper go I guess.

This is my drawing.  I am so pleased with it.  It is actually my first ever attempt at drawing a rose, which is in fact my favourite flower.   I am well chuffed as to how the leaves have turned out too.  A very successful venture I would say.   Now I am going to start looking for other things to have a go at drawing too.   I am really enjoying it.

Watched another episode of The Coroner tonight, that was really good.  I also begun watching this programme all about Judi Dench and her acting career so far.  That was also very good.  It's on record in like two parts though, so I'll probably watch the other half tomorrow.   Judi Dench is a great actress.   I love her playing M in the James Bond movies, but I would love to watch some of her early work at some point too.

Now I am just going to chill out for a bit I reckon.  Check out Twitter for a bit, and Pinterest, been on Pinterest quite a bit today too.  I'll probably read some more of my book as well.   I don't like leaving it too long after I have last read some of 'any' book really, just in case I, well to be frank, lose the plot.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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