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Monday, 19 February 2018

The Work Floor Move Is Underway.

I am really tired tonight, which is why I am doing this post from beneath the comforts of my bed covers.   Was busy helping to move the glass department in work today which actually was going really well until one of our display glass shelves seemed to just get knocked in a silly place and ended up shattering into hundreds of pieces.   Luckily it was safety glass, and there were no customers around at the time.   Annoyingly, yours truly got nicked in the leg with the 'tiniest' bit of glass, which caused it to bleed and then I had to get it treated and put into the accident book at work.   Really annoying.   But it's fine, I shall survive.

Stupid glass shelf!   I was in fact looking for a picture of some shattered safety glass, but all the ones I could find were boring looking.   So I picked the picture above instead.   At least there is a bit of colour to it, get the idea.

Apart from that the day went quite well I thought.   I helped merchandise the glass back onto the wall and I helped move some bedlinens around too.  So it was quite a busy day really, and I did enjoy it, apart from when the glass shelf 'bit' me.  The floor is looking really good from what we have done to it so far.  Still a way to go though.

One good thing that came out of today was me, checking the rotas when I started my shift this afternoon, and discovering that as I have quite a bit of holiday left, my manager has sorted me out with another weeks holiday.   So instead of just having next week off work as holiday, which was scheduled anyway, I now have the following week off as well.   How cool is that?!  I am so pleased about this.   The last time I had more than a weeks holiday at a time was when I went to Florida last, which was about four years ago.   So I am well chuffed to have two weeks off.   I need to decide what I am going to do with myself for two weeks.

Anyhoo I have decided to have an early night, so signing off now.  

Thank you all for reading my waffle.

Sarah x


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