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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Tuesday 20th Of February.

I was really grateful for a slightly quieter day today.   We were quiet in work with customers, which initially I found strange considering traffic was really bad this morning on my way to work, and there was a queue to get into my usual car park.   This was strange because it was only 10am.    I started work at 11am today, so naturally I leave for work an hour early, and I just could not believe there was a queue, at that time and when there hasn't been a queue for weeks!

Rant over.  Out of my system.   The rest of the day was quite good.   I did spend most of it doing bits of merchandising again on the Glassware department, which I really did enjoy, and thankfully there were no broken glass shelves today which was a bonus.   Sadly, customer-wise it was a bit quiet.   But you can't have it all I suppose.    Managed to finish on time at 4.15pm, which was really nice, I do love it when I finish early, I prefer finishing early.   It always makes me feel like I can do so much more with my day.

Today I chose just to come straight home after work, and watch a few episodes of Hollyoaks, as I usually do, and then I did a spot of colouring.    Perfect.   And I had fish and chips from the chippy for dinner too, which was really nice because I hadn't had that in a while.   Mum and Dad were still out when I got home after work, as they had gone to Liverpool to see my nan for the day.   That seemed to go well so I am pleased.

I have decided I need some new boots for work, and I keep meaning to nip to New Look or even Primark to see what they have, but I haven't got around it yet.  It is on my list to do.   I don't really 'need' any new tops for work, but you know....if I find a nice one....I might treat myself.   Thing is, I do need the boots because the ones I have now are getting a bit bashed now.   I don't need new tops.   I just want new tops.

Anyway, I shall have to see.  It is payday soon after all.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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