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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Went To See The Greatest Showman!

So I went to see The Greatest Showman today with my two best friends, Chrissie and Lizzy, and also my friend Emily, who is Lizzy's sister, who I hadn't seen in ages so that was really cool too.   I really had a lovely day.   It was so nice to be able to catch up with them, and watch a great film too.   Chrissie and Lizzy were a bit late because they had gone out last night, so they were a bit worse for wear, well, actually Lizzy wasn't that bad..... Anyway, it was so lovely to catch up with them, and I am so happy for Chrissie, because she has got a boyfriend, woohoo!  Finally.   I am so excited for her.

Whilst we were waiting for the other two to surface, Emily and I had a little catch up which was lovely because I haven't seen her since last year some time.  It was good to know she is doing ok too, last time I saw her she was working with animals, now she is with a letting agency or something.   Change is always good as we all know.  

The movie was brilliant, I mean Hugh Jackman is just awesome.   I am a little disappointed he is not getting recognized at this years Oscars, but never-mind.   I also thought Zac Efron played a really good part too.   He has certainly come along way since High School Musical!  But the acting, and the music, oh we went to see the 'sing along' version of the movie too which was brilliant, really good fun.    How can you not do the sing along version if there is one.   The storyline was awesome, and the ending was something I wasn't expecting, but it was done really well.   There was a really great atmosphere about the whole movie.   It was very good, and I really enjoyed it.   It was great to spend time with, and enjoy the movie with my friends too.

Been a bit lazy for the rest of the day if I am being completely honest, but I have just watched another movie tonight, which was The Mummy, the new Tom Cruise one, and that was a really entertaining film too.   I thought they did really well to make the story completely different to the previous Mummy movie, starring Brendan Fraser.   I found this version quite 'relaxed but intriguing', meaning I didn't think it was as scary as the Brendan Fraser movies.  But it was still done really well.

I would definitely recommend seeing The Greatest Showman if you haven't seen it already, you will not be disappointed.   I am even going to say so far it is my favourite 'feel-good' movie I have seen this year.

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