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Monday, 12 March 2018

A Finished Picture And A Musical.

It felt a bit strange today being off work.  It was my scheduled day off, and my second scheduled day off is Wednesday.  Generally I do prefer working two or three days straight on a return from a holiday, but there you go.

It was also raining today, so I decided to not go anywhere.   I helped my mum out a bit by doing some ironing, most of which was my stuff anyway, and I helped prepare the veg for dinner tonight as we had a roast.  I thought that was very nice.  You can't go wrong with a good roast dinner.   I caught up with Hollyoaks too, which has been very good.   And I finished some colouring off today as well.

This picture took me ages.   It's all the piddly little leaves!  I still love the way it has turned out.

Tonight we also watched The War Of The Worlds.   Not the Hollywood movie starring Tom Cruise.   The musical stage show presented by Jeff Wayne.   It was brilliant, the music is just awesome.  It had an amazing orchestra playing all the music it was really cool.   I really did love it.  So well done, and well acted too.  I also found it very psychedelic too.  I think it was the music mixed with the special effects lighting.   It's so clever.  I would love to see it live.

Richard Burton did the voice of the Journalist originally, but it has passed to Liam Neeson who I quite like too.   I bet it is really incredible to see on the stage.  Particularly with a live orchestra playing.   The music is just so powerful.  I cannot get it out my head right now.

I don't feel as tired tonight as I have done the last few days, which is good in some ways but I still don't want to get to sleep too late.  I do generally go from one extreme to another these last few months (probably longer) when it comes to tiredness.  I am either really tired or not at all.  I don't feel too bad tonight it's really weird.

Going to read my book for a bit I reckon.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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