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Thursday, 29 March 2018

A Very Slow Week.

Well I think it has been a slow week.   It feels like it should be Friday today and it's only Thursday!  Not much happened today, except my till at the end of the day wouldn't bloody balance.   I hate it when that happens!  Today we were mostly sorting out the sale stock that we have.   Started to pull it out from the stock room and bulk it up a bit on tables ready for the weekend, which, being Easter weekend I really hope it's going to be busy.

I've been chilling out really tonight, surfing the web mostly.   Been paid today, yay!  Happy days.  March seems to have been quite a slow month if I'm thinking about it overall.   Like I said in my previous post, we are changing seasons, so all our stock will be changing shortly too.   Hopefully we shall get some nice new stuff in soon.

It's currently raining again outside.   I walked to work this morning, having parked my car on a side street instead of paying £5 to park it in the car park.   Luckily it wasn't raining on the walk home, but it did make a nice change to have a walk back to the car.   It wasn't very far to walk, and after all a fiver is a fiver.

I feel like I am about ready for my day off now.   Or my weekend off I should say rather.   I don't always get the Easter weekend off.   Obviously I am aware we are shut on Sunday, but I have worked Easter Saturday a lot in the past, so it is really lovely to have it off for a change.   Not that I have anything planned, it's just nice I guess.

Anyhoo, off to bed now.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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