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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Back To Work.

It was back to work at House Of Fraser for me today.   It's like I have never been off if I am being honest.  It's always really nice to hear that people have missed you whilst you have been away.  Quite a few people said that to me today.  That was nice.

I don't usually work a lot of Sundays, but I don't mind working them because it means I get another day off in the week, so this week I am off tomorrow (woohoo!) and Wednesday.   I don't often get Wednesday's off so I am not complaining about that.   It was a good day today.    We did have a customer complaint to rectify first thing though, practically my first customer.   A lady, who was getting married soon came to collect some shoes for her future husband and his best man, from our Buy and Collect department, and they were scuffed, so she wasn't happy.   I called my store manager, whilst being sincerely apologetic myself, and he managed to source the shoes in another store, and after being told the shoes are perfect, he is going to pick them up personally and bring them to our store for her.   It's called 'going the extra mile'.  The customer went away happy which is the main thing.

So that was my morning at work.

The rest of the day was relatively quiet.  We are getting into 'audit' mode at the moment so I was checking tickets and prices on luggage which took up the rest of the day in between serving and a little bit of delivery from the loading bay.   The day went quite quick really.

It is also Mother's Day today.  I got mum a lovely card, and some earrings and a new green handbag.  And this evening we have been out for dinner at Beefeaters, which is just down the road from where I live.   It was really nice, and they always provide great service there too.   I had the BBQ ribs, with chips and coleslaw, and it was really lovely.    When we got home we have been watching a show on TV honouring the late great Bruce Forsyth, and I thought they did really well.   I loved Bruce Forsyth.  I grew up watching The Generation Game, and Play Your Cards Right.  I wouldn't have said I was a Strictly Come Dancing fan, but I have seen a couple of shows where he was hosting and from what I saw he did a great job on there too.

Just chilling out a bit now.   Day off tomorrow, which I am pleased about even though today was my first day back after a two week break.  I never knock a day off work.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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