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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Food Shopping and Spiderman.

So this is what I did today.

Normally after a really busy week in work, on my day off I tend to....stay in bed a bit too long, mope about etc.   But I had already decided last night that I was going to go food shopping today at some point.   I had even started writing a shopping list.

One of the best tips when you are doing your own food shopping is to always write out a list before you go to the supermarket.   There is always, always a chance you might deviate from this list at some point whilst you are shopping, but not as much as if you go out with no list at all.   I am speaking from experience of course.  Despite the fact I still live at home with my parents, I have been doing my own food shopping for about ten years... roughly.   It's good.  I like to think it helps me to manage my money.

I did treat myself to a bottle of Bailey's whilst I was at Tescos.   It was on offer for £12 which was good.  And yes that was on my shopping list already.  It was my treat for myself.   I didn't just get Bailey's.   I got fish, and veg, and snacks, pizza etc.  A variety of stuff.  Cupboards and freezer were empty.  I did enjoy walking round.   I have always found food shopping quite therapeutic.   Weird I know.

Then tonight, I watched the new Spiderman: Homecoming, and that was brilliant.   I have decided that Tom Holland makes a really cool Spiderman.   And Robert Downey Jnr was in it too of course as Iron Man and I thought they integrated his character really well into the storyline too.   Loved that they showed more of the school and Peter Parker's background too.  It was very entertaining.

Been doing a bit of colouring tonight as well.   Had my Yankee candles going earlier on in the day too, been chilling out and relaxing.   I did enjoy my day off.   I needed it.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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