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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

It's Good To Be Social.

It is definitely good to be social.   We are currently about to approach the middle of the week, of my second week's holiday, and I am pleased to say I went out today into town to meet my friend Jo after work for some coffee, and dinner and a chat, and it was really lovely.

Thankfully all the snow has gone which is good.   I am not a big fan of snow, particularly as I drive, although they do say if you have to drive in the snow and ice make sure you drive in a lower gear.   It helps you slow down more safely.   If there's any snow left now it's contained on the side of the road I noticed as I was driving into town earlier.   And there's a bit in fields but that's fine.   Jo was working today so I met her as she finished.   I nipped into work to see how the place was looking, but not much had changed really, there's just a few new bits on the kitchen shop department.

Oh yes, and there's a bloody big hole in the ceiling in the middle of the floor.  With all the snow we had last week, it must have piled up on the shops roof, so when it melted it basically came straight through the ceiling.   Great.   It is an old building to be fair.   A very old building.   They had people there today when I went in trying to fix it.

Anyhoo.   Jo and I went and had a coffee in the Patisserie Valerie in Lincoln, which was a really nice strong coffee.   Didn't have any cakes though, as we then went and had dinner in Slug and Lettuce.  You cannot go wrong in there, the food is always really nice.   I then dropped her off at home after.   So it was a really lovely evening.   We just had a catch up on how things were going in our lives.  And a bit about work too, but not too much.  It was a lovely evening and I really enjoyed it.    Now we are talking about getting all of us from work to have a dinner and movie night.   That would be good also.

I cannot believe how quick the day has gone today to be fair.  I am now past half way through my holiday.  I found out today I am working on Sunday too.   I really hate it when that happens, going back to work on the Sunday after my holiday.  I guess that's retail for you.    Looking at it a different way though, at least I have a job!

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


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