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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Legends Of Allsorts.

I was up early today to get my hair cut.   I was extremely impressed with myself that I got up before 9am.  That doesn't happen very often on my day's off.   I think I shall make a note and put it on a list of my personal achievements for the month.    You think I'm joking?!

I do feel much better now that I have had my hair trimmed.   I didn't have a lot taken off, I do like having long hair still.  It just needed tidying up a bit.  I had it cut by my old school friend, Natalie.  She's lovely.   A little loud and crazy, but I love her.   And her little girl, Lola, had to come with her today, so I let her colour in my unicorn colouring book.   She's a sweet kid.   We had Alvin and the Chipmonks on the TV.   Not like the way it was when I watched 20 plus years ago.   It's all computer generated now.  It wasn't too bad though.   I am just so glad I've had my hair cut.   My head feels so much lighter now.

Took mum out to the shops today too.    Needed some essentials.   It was only to Tescos, but it was nice to have a walk round.   All the Easter Eggs are out now.   I always eat far too much chocolate at Easter time.   Actually, I eat too much chocolate all the time.  Chocolate makes me happy.

Also been watching a Tommy Cooper show tonight.   For those who don't know Tommy Cooper was a well-known comedian in the 70s and 80s.   It just showed little comedy sketches that he did had done.   It was really good and really funny.   He was a really talented guy.   Classic comedy.   You can't beat it.

What else have I done today?  I changed my Instagram pictures on here.   Instagram was being really funny yesterday, funny as in annoying, because it wouldn't load properly on my computer.  And yet today it was fine.   Perhaps it was having 'issues' yesterday.  But it was working (as you can see) today so, happy days.

I also caught up with Hollyoaks, and did some colouring to chill out this afternoon.

On a final, more delicate note, would just like to say RIP to Stephen Hawking.  The world has lost a true genius.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


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