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Thursday, 8 March 2018

More Socializing.

It's coming close to the end of my holiday, but I am pleased to say I have had another really nice day today, as I went into town for dinner with my good friend Misha.   It was really lovely.  We had dinner in The Mailbox in Lincoln, and then went on to Slug and Lettuce for dessert.   It was so nice to catch up with Misha because it had been a couple of months since I had seen her.   We chatted about what movies we had seen lately, and how our families were, how work was going.  The usual.

Macaroni and cheese, and a side salad.

And white chocolate covered profiteroles and cherry sponge for dessert.   They were both divine.

I was sad to learn however, that Misha and her husband, Baz, have decided to move back to where Misha's family live in Birmingham.   I guess like anything, changes are necessary sometimes.   Misha will be closer to her family, and Baz can get a job as a doctor over there so it's good.   But I will miss Misha.   She won't be just down the road anymore.    It will be, however, a great excuse for a day out, or a weekend visit to go and see her in Birmingham.   Once she has settled in of course.  But we shall keep in touch.  This is why smartphones and Facebook are so important.

Also did a bit more sorting out in my room today.   As I only have a few days left of my holiday I thought I would give my bureau a tidy.  This afternoon I posted this photo on Facebook and on Instagram :

With the caption underneath saying : Thought I would sort my room out, and now I have shit everywhere.   It's totally true.   Got a bit worse too, and then I literally had to stop and contain it.   Contain the stuff, and myself that is.   I am really pleased with the amount I did manage to get done so it's an achievement.   Another job ticked off my list.   I also just wanted to point out, the metal blue and red tin in the box on the right of the above picture was pencil case from school, which was like... 20 years ago.   I got it from The Body shop.   It still has all my school scribblings on the inside and some of the pencils I used at school too.  

Still got plenty more sorting to do, so I wonder what other treasures I will find?!!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x



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