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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

My Recent Vogue Collages.

I had a fairly relaxing day today.  Managed to do a few things I haven't done yet on my holiday, like catching up with my Vogue magazine reading for one.   They always seem to take a little while for me to read.   Not just because of the articles and the many 'snippets' there are in there, but also, because I am still enjoying doing my collages which I build from the Vogue magazine, it usually takes me a little while to decide what pictures I want to cut out.   And then of course I have to decide what pictures go together to make up a collage.  I am still enjoying doing which is the main thing.

I have just realised that's not straight, but there we go.   I love the rings, although I personally wouldn't wear that many.   I love the pink bag in the left corner.  It's kind of dusky pink and that really is my favourite shade of that colour.   Same with the bag in the middle of the picture, though I chose that because of the rings because they look really cool.   Apart from the spider ring.  I don't do spiders!   I also love the blouse, and the earrings the model on the right is wearing.  I thought it was a scarf to start with, but you can just see the frilly cuffs of the blouse coming through so it must be a ruffle blouse.   I love ruffle blouses.   And I like the pearl drop earrings she is wearing.   I think it completes the look quite nicely.

Now I do think the model on the left is a bit 'space-like', but I really love the rather random looking gold....face jewellery.   I'll call it that.   I think it looks really effective.    I like the way it looks like they have painted her hair gold as well.  It adds very nicely to the look.   Then they break it up with silver diamond jewellery.   I think it looks really cool, if I am being honest.   I love it.

The boots in the picture are pretty cool too.  I love the diamond tassel effect, I also am a fan of 'pointed' boots, as long as they are not too high, so these are really good.   The only thing is, I would prefer them in a black, a blue or a dark green colour.   That's just me.  Then of course you have Elle Fanning on the right, and I really love her dress, floral, white lace dress broken up with a black collar, and a black belt.   I think it looks really elegant and smart.

I am still reading my most recent Vogue magazine so there may be more collages to come yet.

I also watched Great British Bake Off tonight too, which was for the Stand Up To Cancer charity.   That was really good.   I love how Sandy Toksvig and Noel Fielding present it now, they are so good.  Enjoyed watching that tonight.  

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x

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