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Friday, 2 March 2018

Perfecting My Drawing Skills.

After how well I thought my little flower drawing had gone I did the other day, I decided to take some time out this afternoon to have a go at trying to draw something else.   I genuinely used to think that I wasn't really that great at drawing....which was part of the reason I chose Drama over Art as a GCSE when I was at school many moons ago.   I suppose like anything, you have to practise at it before you get it right.   I had a couple of 'false starts' so to speak with this drawing today, before I got the hang of what I was doing.   I think it turned out alright in the end.

I think it is quite possibly one of the best things I have ever drawn in my entire life!   I know it's just an eye....but to me it is so much more than just an eye.   I don't think I have ever drawn anything as good as that before, and it was only with an HB pencil.   I am genuinely so over the moon with it.   Although I may need to have a bit more practice when doing the eyelashes.   I did re-do the top lashes a couple of times before I was happy, but I didn't get stressed with it which I might have done perhaps a year ago, I just took my time.   But I am still pleased with the end result.   I am also more intrigued to see what else I can draw.   I need to have a think about what I want to have a go at next.

Not done much else today, apart from a bit more 'shredding' of paperwork.    The joys.   It really does give you a headache after a while you know.   I also find it very satisfying, and also quite therapeutic, to clean the bit of paper stuck between the teeth of the shredder.   I use a metal nail file to pull all the bits out.   With the power turned off obviously.   I even unplug to be extra safe.   It can take a while to clean it you know.

Finally finished this piece of colouring tonight too, whilst watching and listening to YouTube videos of 80's and 90's classics, and a bit of The Beatles who I love.    Haven't listened to their music in a while so it was good.   Quite enjoyed that tonight.    I feel very relaxed and chilled out now.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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