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Monday, 26 March 2018

Spring Has Arrived.

Thank God Spring is here!

I really do not like the clocks going forward, but I really cannot wait to just seeing the back of Winter, I cannot contain my excitement.    Bring on the sunshine and lighter nights, and barbecues and beer gardens!

I have been trying to get back into my blogging properly after having a few days off due to my stupid tooth that I got an infection in last week.   Thankfully the anti-biotics are working, wonderful things!  In one of my previous posts from Tuesday the 20th, I said it hadn't been very often I had gone a day without doing a blog post...and then I go FOUR days without doing one.   Ironic isn't it.   I am not very happy about it really but I do have a good reason for it.   The reason being was I got an infection in my tooth, went on anti-biotics, and they made me ill.   I basically spent two days sleeping is what happened.   And two days off work, which does not happen very often.   I was annoyed about that as well.   These things just happen I guess.

I should have really had this tooth out already really.   I had a crown on it which fell off.....last year.  March last year in fact.   I've been putting off having it extracted for a little while.   'Little' being the slightly understated part of that statement.  But not for much longer.   In about three weeks I am having the bugger out.   I genuinely feel like I want to cheer, but it is the dentist.   It's not exactly anyone's favourite place in the world.

So that is how my Spring is starting for me.

And it is nearly pay day, yay!   I have started to have a think about the things I need to buy in April.   I have list of five so far.   I will say number 4 is one I really just want I guess....but the rest of them I do need.

1)  No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream.

I love this cream I find it so light and quite refreshing.   I use it every day and I have used it for ages too.   Boots normally have a good deal on No7 at some point too so I will be on the look out for the next couple of weeks.

2) Socks.

Yeah, you really do not want to see the state of my sock drawer right now.  It's really quite sad.   I am always going through so many socks over the year.   It's mainly down to the fact I do a lot of walking.  To and from work because I don't like to spend all my money on parking, and I guess just walking in general.

3) New Tops.

Without going too overboard, I do really need one or two new tops for work.   Just for a bit of a change from the ones I am currently wearing.   Either from work or New Look, or Primark.   I don't need loads of tops though.  Sometimes it is so easy to get carried away.   Particularly if I buy them from Primark, and then get some from New Look as well as.   I don't need that many!

4) Yankee Candle Votives.

This is the 'want' one.   I have been getting through quite a few Yankee candle lately and I usually have a little 'stash' of them in one of my drawers, but they have depleted somewhat, plus a lot of what I have left are Winter ones.   I need Spring ones now.

5) Car MOT.

Oh God it's that time of year again.   It has to be done though.   I was very pleased with how my Ford Focus got through the Winter this year, it did well.   A hell of a lot better than last year that is for sure.   So I am hoping with an open mind, that there isn't anything seriously wrong with it this time round.   I will find out soon enough because I will be booking it in in a couple of weeks I reckon, get it out of the way.

That is what I have come up with so far anyway.   I cannot think of anything else right this moment in time, but I think these definitely are the top 5 things for next month to pay out for.   The list might grow yet, but for now will stick with these.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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