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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Thursday 15th March.

For some reason today I really feel like it should be a lot later on the week.   Like it should actually be Saturday, and that would mean I would be off tomorrow if it was.   It was so strange for me to have yesterday off work.   I never get Wednesdays off ever.

Today was mostly taken up with price checking as much as possible, as we do have our audit coming up....any time from now and the end of March.   Like a lot of places, we never know exactly when we will get it, but it does have to be before the end of the month.   I spent today checking prices, mainly on photo frames, on the shop floor and in the stockroom, and let me tell you....we have a hell of a lot of photo frames.   Oh yes, before I forget, I also dropped one of these frames today.   Technically it fell the shelf, but it fell, and smashed into a million tiny glass pieces.   Luckily the day got better after that, but still could have done without it.

I also spent a bit of time in the stockroom checking frames and a few vases that were in there.   Found quite a few.   They all had tickets on, but they were all the wrong prices, and that means a mark against us in audit if something is found with the wrong price on.   My day went really quick to be fair.  Apart from the rain we had this morning, it was a good day.

Tonight I caught up with the Great British Bake Off for Stand Up For Cancer and that was really good.  Perri, who is in Diversity won.  He was really good.  I did love Stacey Solomon's rainbow unicorn creation.   That was really cool.  And Nick Hewer, with those bloody choux buns, that was hilarious.   He did make a bit of a mess of than.   It was such a good show tonight I really enjoyed it.

Now I am just about to tuck into a Cadbury's cream egg and I cannot wait.   They are my favourites.   You can so tell Easter is round the corner.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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