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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Top Five Easter Gifts Courtesy Of House Of Fraser.

For the next two weeks House Of Fraser have entered their annual two week Home Event.   As I work on Homewares in the Lincoln store, you can imagine it is going to be a particularly busy time for me.

Easter of course is only just around the corner.   Where the year has actually gone so far, I have absolutely no idea.   I have just over five months till my 35th birthday so that is scary.  Easter is a lovely time though because it is the first real sign that spring has arrived.   I know most of you are thinking, yeah but it's when the clocks go forward actually, which coincidently is today, but the clocks going forward is really just too irritating for me, as I can imagine it is for a lot of people.   So I have fast forwarded to Easter instead.

As I mentioned, these next two weeks are the Home Event for House Of Fraser.   We have it every year and it gives the opportunity to completely focus on promoting our Home department with all our new season stock that we will start to get for Spring/Summer 2018.   So below I have put together a little list of ideas that could make a really nice gift for someone for Easter, if you don't want to get them chocolate.  

Or perhaps as well as chocolate.

This is, for me, the ultimate Home Fragrance scent to own ready for spring because it is such a sweet and yet refreshing smell.   I think it is a lovely little gift for someone, perhaps a couple.   And if you got one of each you could put them in three different rooms.

Pink Grapefruit and Mango Reed Diffuser: Now £14.40

Pillar Candle: Now £4.80

Single Candle: Now £8.00

Linea Hoxton Glass Range.

The Hoxton glass is my favourite glass we have in work at the moment.   I like it purely because of the way it sits in my hand.   It is just really comfortable.   It is quite a tall glass which sometimes you might think you have to be careful in case it gets knocked over, however because it sits so snuggly in my hand I don't think I would bother putting it down.   Also if people notice your glass is empty they will fill it up quicker.  

Just saying!

Linea Hoxton Red Wine:  Now £19.80 for four glasses.

Linea Hoxton White Wine:  Now £19.80 for four glasses.

I love Biba at House Of Fraser.   Biba is one my favourite brands and has been for some time now.  This frame is one of the newest Biba ones we have, and for me it currently accentuates the Biba range as a very prominent piece at the moment.   I just think it is so pretty and unique.

Biba Deco Frame:  5x7 -  £24

Biba Deco Frame: 8x10 - Now £30.40

I had to do this picture that big so everyone could see the detail on the box.   That's what I really love about this, it's the fact that it is so detailed.   I was thinking that it would make a perfect gift for that special guy in your life for Easter.   It's something different, a fairly sizable box at 21cm long, 12 cm width and 7cm deep.  It would be handy as a bedside storage for his watch and trinkets, cufflinks etc.  I just love the picture on the front.

Linea Decorative Ship Design Box:  Now £24.00

For the special lady in your life, perhaps an elegant glass box to show off her precious jewellery.   This is House Of Fraser's Junipa range.   I love it because it is shaped like a hexagon and I just think it is so elegant and a very unique piece.   And of course it is see through so you can see what it is you are looking for without tipping the entire contents out like I do.  

Junipa Stacked Jewellery Box: Now £25.60.

These are my top picks for gifts for Easter from my House Of Fraser.  For me I really love the Biba frame simply because I love that Art Deco design.   I am not sure where exactly I would put it in my room but I am sure I would find a space/

Of course you can buy online at but it is always nice to take a trip and visit your local store to receive great customer service.

Hope you have enjoyed my post.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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