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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Wednesday 28th March.

I found it to be quite a steady Wednesday today.   We weren't particularly busy in work, but I think that was mostly down to the weather again because it was a bit rainy at times.   Wednesday is our 'change over' day, which means we tend to get a few new offers go on, or like today, we had a few further markdowns instead.   As we are now entering the 'Spring' season we need to start to thin out our post Christmas stock and start making way for the new season.   The department we seem to still have a lot of in sale is the Kitchen department.  So a lot of that was being marked down today.   The day went really quick to be fair.

And yes I have just taken a picture from our website with my smartphone....but needs must as they say.

I was doing a later shift today so had a little lie in this morning, but I did manage to do a bit of ironing before I left for work.   Always helps to not let it pile up too much otherwise it just becomes really annoying.  Paid to park up in town as well today.   The weather still hasn't been too good so thought, save getting too wet! Park in the car park.   But when the weather does start to improve in a couple of weeks (hopefully!) I'll start walking again.

So tonight I caught up with Great British Bake Off which was really good.   Lee Mack and Joe Lycett were on it, and it was really funny.  I like those two, particularly Joe Lycett I think he is so funny.   His champagne bubble bath cake he did on the show was awesome.   I really loved that one.   I have just followed him on Twitter too, because you know, why not?!    The show has been really good this year so far, and it must be doing well raising money for Stand Up For Cancer too.  I hope so anyway.

Kind of feel like I am ready for a day off now, but still got two days to go.   Easter seems to have come round really, really quickly this year for some reason.   I nearly forgot it was Good Friday this week.  That's bad isn't it!  I am off on Saturday so that's quite nice actually.  I don't always get Easter Saturday off!

Thanks for reading.

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