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Monday, 2 April 2018

Well That Was Easter!

Easter seemed to come round awfully quick this year, and seemed to end just as quickly too.  

I was really happy to have Easter Saturday off this year, especially as I don't usually.   Yesterday House Of Fraser was closed...obviously, but I had a really lovely, chill out Easter Sunday.   I spent most of the day either on the internet, and eating chocolate, colouring, and eating chocolate, or watching TV (Hollyoaks and Inspector Morse, the new one which is quite good) and eating chocolate.  

I have discovered a new found love of one particular type of chocolate, and that is the Galaxy Golden Egg chocolate, and that was one of my Easter eggs, with a little packet of mini golden eggs.   It's bloody gorgeous!  I am literally sat stuffing my face with it as I write.  The little mini eggs are amazing too.

I got to finish a bit earlier today too.  The store was open till 5pm but I finished my shift at 3.45pm.  It was nice to get home a bit earlier for a change.  I don't always finish early.  Had a nice hot bath when I got in, and watched TV - NCIS, which I quite like to watch on occasion.   I cannot believe the show is still going, but it seems to still attract audiences so that's good.

The only other thing I have done a bit of tonight, is I have started playing The Sims 2 again.   It might sound a bit random, but I quite like to play it, especially as it seems to take my mind off things.   Not that anything has been bothering me tonight, but you know, it's just a general thing I guess.

Anyhoo, off to read my Vogue magazine before the new one comes.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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