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Friday, 27 April 2018

Why I Took A Little Break From Blogging.

They always say taking a little break away from something you do practically every day is a good thing.   I did think I was doing quite well doing my blog posts for Sarah's Dreamscapes every day.  I found that it was getting a fair amount of views, so thanks for that guys!  Recently I have been concentrating on work, which is going well, and socializing with my friends from work more too.  

Two weekends ago I went on a night out in Lincoln with my friends from work, and I had the most amazing time.  It was more of a relaxed, casual type of evening, wore jeans and a pretty top.   We all met at our friend and colleague, Simon's house for pre-drinks, and he lives in a three story house so that in itself was really cool.   Then we all went out for cocktails and some dancing afterwards and it was awesome.

There was about 8 of us in total, so it made such a great evening.    I have also made a discovery that I really enjoy a Disaronno Sours cocktail.   I just find them so refreshing, and admittedly quite moreish too.   They are just so lovely.   So I think it's safe to say I found my new favourite alcoholic beverage that night.     It was also a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it, particularly as I had not been on a night out for quite some time.   It was really cool.

So anyway, I decided to take an unscheduled break from blogging for a bit.  I guess I just felt like I needed to find a bit of inspiration, and motivation to start blogging again.  Not a lot has changed with me.   I am still taking pictures, and colouring, and painting as well, though I have only started painting again recently.   I am still watching movies and reading Vogue etc   But I feel what I really want to do is 'level up' a bit on my blogging.   Especially as I now have time to do so.   Sometimes a break is good.   It means you can come back with fresh ideas and a fresh perspective.

I am going to have a think over the next few days of things to do for my blog.  I have already decided I want to change my theme again.   I do like this one, which is called Style and Light by Pipdig, but I just want a bit more from my theme I guess.   A bit more colour for a start.   So that is one of the things on my to do list.    I am certain there will be a lot more added to this list very soon.

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