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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

My Life Lately.

Wednesday's are not often a day I get off from work so I keep thinking tomorrow is Saturday, because I'm normally off on a Friday.   I have enjoyed my day that's the main thing.   Wednesday's are usually our 'promotion' day at work so to be honest, it's a good day to be off.

I have been busy doing little jobs mainly.   Had to nip to the shop, and the doctors.   Got me out the house for a little bit.   In truth I have felt like I am still recovering from last Saturday night because I went on a little works night out for my friend Jo's 30th Birthday, which was actually today, but she's on holiday now for a couple of weeks.   It was a good night.  Went to Jo's house to start, which was the first time I had seen it, and it was such a sweet little place, and then after a few drinks we ended up doing a little club crawl in town.   Went to a cocktail bar, The Straight and Narrow it's called, in Lincoln.   That was good!  They quite literally do the best Disaronno Sours cocktail I have ever had.   It was amazing.   I did mention in my previous post how much I really loved Disaronno Sours.   It's just so moreish!  

I do also remember thinking at the start of the evening that I had decided I wasn't going to make it a late night.....

.....but somehow managed to find myself, with Jo and our friend Holly, still dancing in a club called SugarCubes at 2.30 in the morning.   They have a little stage, which we all found ourselves dancing on.  I had one of the best nights ever!

Sunday I was sleeping for most of the day.   Strangely, I don't remember feeling hungover, so I must have been fine, but I was really, really tired.   Had to get up for work on Monday to be in at 8.30am too.  That hurt!   I have felt less tired the last couple of days, obviously today because I have been off, and yesterday I started at 12.30pm.   So that was good too.

I am on a mission this month to treat myself to some new tops for work.   Been wearing the same ones for a little while now.   I need to check out New Look, Primark, Dorothy Perkins and a few others online.   The tops I have been wearing recently have started to get a bit wrecked.   I need some new boots too, I have just thought on, so I shall be on the hunt for those too.   It's been a bit annoying recently because Primark haven't had any in.   I know....its the wrong time of year, I know.   All the boots I have seen so far have been like £25 plus, which is good if you want a nice pair, but mine will get wrecked quickly because of the amount of walking I do, to and from work, because I'm trying to save money.    I will have to get some soon though, so I may have to resort to paying a little bit more.

Anyhoo, signing off now.   Work at 8.30 tomorrow.

Thanks for reading guys x

Sarah x


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