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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Trying To Write Again.

As you have probably gathered...I decided to take another unscheduled blogging break.   Actually, I would say I have taken a complete break from writing in general...well, apart from my personal diary which some how I have still managed to do even if it only consists of writing one or two lines.

So what have I been doing??   Well, I have been working, still at House Of Fraser, and despite any rumours floating about the ether... work is going really good I think.  In my own personal opinion anyway. 

What else... I had my car MOT last week, and that actually went surprisingly well.   I seem to have been expecting needing new tyres and lights, and whatever else, but I only needed a hydraulic pump and a suspension...thing, I'm not exactly mechanically minded as you can tell, but anyway ..and it all came to under £100.  I was most pleased.  Anything under £100, and that is with the test included, is good.   It's when it starts creeping towards the £200-£300 mark I start to worry.   So it's all good.

I haven't been doing much painting lately, although I did treat myself to some watercolour pens last month and so I have been trying those out over the last few weeks.   Hopefully will be putting some pics on here soon.   I have been colouring still.  I tend to do a little bit every day, even just for a few minutes.  I have found it relaxes me towards the end of an evening.

Went out to lunch with my friend Lizzy last week.   We went to Wagamamas on the Brayford in Lincoln.  That was really nice.  Had a catch up.  Lizzy has decided to go into teaching which is really cool.  She will be really good at that.   Then we went to see Life Of The Party starring Melissa McCarthy.  That was really funny.  You can't go wrong with a light-hearted comedy. 

And of course we had the royal wedding too.  I am really happy for Meghan and Harry.   I thought Meghan looked stunning too!

Now I am trying to come up with some more posts to write and get back into blogging a bit more.   I do want to change my blog theme again at some point, but haven't decided to what yet.  I'm looking at several options.   I'll probably look at changing it when I get paid.   I don't know whether it's me, but May seems to be a really long month.

Thanks for reading.   (I'll try not leave it too long next time!)

Sarah x


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