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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

A Little Update.

It's been a couple of weeks again (I know) since my last blog post.  In all honesty, not a great deal has happened.   I did go to a BBQ last Saturday afternoon which was actually really nice.   They were some friends of my parents so I thought I would tag along (free food always a bonus) and I really enjoyed the afternoon.   Enjoyed the BBQ chicken...and the cakes that were put on the spread, including the cheesecake that my mum made which was the best!   And drank cider.

I enjoyed my cider.   And I did not embarrass myself at any point.   It turned out to be a very pleasant afternoon.   Here is a photo of my food.   I even had grilled hallumi, it was awesome.

Work has been just the same as always I guess.   Not too busy, but still plenty of customers.  Still coming to Buy and Collect.  We are apparently due an mystery shop again at some point this month but as far as we know we haven't had it yet.  The store could really do with another good result, so hopefully we shall get one.

This is also what I have bought myself this week and I absolutely love it.  It's just a little vanity bag from Primark, but I love it because it has a unicorn on it.   Be More Unicorn!  I think it is awesome.  And it was only a fiver too.   Can't be bad.   Primark has got some really nice stuff at the moment actually, I'll have to go back soon.

I haven't done much else with myself lately.   Watched Britain's Got Talent, I thought that was good this year.  I am really pleased Lost Voice Guy won, he was so funny.   I am also off out on Saturday night which I am looking forward too, although it is for a leaving do....but it will be good.   Sarah who is leaving is really nice.   And funny.   I will be sad to see her go.

Anyhoo, short and sweet.   I am still thinking about changing my theme but I am being indecisive about what I am changing it to, so holding off for a bit.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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