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Friday, 22 June 2018

Changes Are Coming.

I have been a bit quiet on here lately.  To be honest I have been dealing with a few more pressing matters in my life to be thinking about doing any sort of blogging.  However I have decided that now is the time to rethink, and perhaps restructure my blog and try to make the most of it.  Particularly as I may very soon have a little more time on my hands.    Also, I have decided that I need a little...distraction.   Blogging can be really good for that sort of thing.

Changes are coming for me.  For those of you who have read my blog before, and for those of you who haven't but who have been following the news, I work for the company House Of Fraser.  As of tomorrow, I will have worked for the company at the Lincoln branch for fifteen years.   Today I have found out that our store will be one of the stores to close, and I will be made redundant after Christmas.

How does this make me feel?  Well that is definitely hard to explain. makes me feel sad, heartbroken because I love the Lincoln store.  I'm disappointed.   Angry.   Pissed off actually.   And I even feel a little betrayed.  And all these feelings are not just for me.  Not just because "I" will be losing my job, but all my friends will be too.

The way I see how things are at them moment in terms of the retail industry is that the internet and online sales are taking over everything.   That isn't just me sharing my opinion, this is coming from my own personal experience.   As of tomorrow I will have been with House Of Fraser for fifteen years.   Yes that is a long time.   Not many people nowadays stay working with any company for that length of time.   I'm in at 8.30am tomorrow, till 1.45.   As it is a Saturday we will have a morning meeting, so it will be interesting to see what goes on in said meeting.   But it is true that the internet is responsible for most of why the shops on the high street are having to close.   The internet and online shopping has completely taken over.   It's true we tried to ensure the security of our High Street stores by working along side the internet by providing the collect 'in store' option,  and we are still trying with that scenario in so many places.   But House Of Fraser is such a well known company.   As it is now so very clear that we are not safe....what does that say for everyone else on the High Street?

Anyway.   There's nothing I or anyone else can do about it.   All I will say is, for those of you who work for House Of Fraser like me who are losing your jobs, I'm thinking of you too. 

Changes are a coming.   But remember, the future can be anything you want it to be.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah xx


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