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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Going Into The Unknown.

Things have been a bit strange for me over these last few weeks.   Having heard the news that House Of Fraser are closing our store in Lincoln and quite a few other stores as well, more than I thought actually, I have been feeling a little bit like I am in limbo I guess.  This is because I have already decided I want to stay till 'the end' (sounds extremely ominous actually) to ensure I get my full redundancy, which considering I have been with the company for 15 years, I am hoping is not going to be too bad.

It does feel very strange in work at the moment because there is this very peculiar air, if you like, of normality.   Everything is going along just the same.   The only slight difference so far, besides every single customer asking when we are closing, is over the last week we have completely emptied our Homewares stock room, and that does feel weird, particularly for me because I have worked on that floor for many years now.   I have never seen it completely empty. I said, everything seems completely normal, in the sense that we are still getting deliveries, we are still getting our regular customers coming in.  People are still collecting their parcels in store, and still buying online in store with us too.  And yet, we are still going to be closing in January next year.

One in three customers I would say, are now asking me when we are closing, or more the question of, have we got a date yet?  The answer to the second question is no we haven't yet.   I couldn't even hazard a guess if I am being honest.  It's definitely becoming more real to me over these last couple of weeks that's for sure.   But you know, I guess, like my Uncle Will says, you just gotta keep on keeping on!  Keep on going.

 So I have started to do some notes for my CV.  My friend Lizzy has lent me her CV for a little inspiration, which was really nice of her.  It actually shocks me to think I haven't written a CV for fifteen years.  I'm not even joking.  After I passed the ten year mark I was pretty convinced I was going to retire from this place.  Unless I managed to write the book I always wanted to, and got that published.   Might be doing that now that's for sure.   I've started on my notes anyway, and Lizzy and I are going to get together next week because she offered to go through it with me, bless her.   She's a good friend.   I've got lots of good friends, inside and outside of House Of Fraser, and my family of course, who have all offered to help.    At the start of all this, I kept thinking to myself, what am I going to do?   I think I have treated my job at House Of Fraser as my little 'safety bubble' for far too long.   I do try and not use too many cliches but.... that bubble is going burst pretty soon.

So what am I going to do?

I'm going to stay and get my redundancy.  And then.... I am going to have a little holiday.  Somewhere, don't know where yet.   And then....

I'll get another job!   Simples.

Thanks for reading x

Sarah xxx


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