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Saturday, 28 July 2018

The Closures and The Incredibles.

I definitely feel like I am entering completely alien territory when I feel like talking about my employment situation.  Knowing that I will be made redundant in roughly six months is extremely daunting and it would be for anyone.   As the weeks have started to go by since discovering my store is closing, more and more information is being provided, and more support from managers, and everyone else I generally work with, is available for me when I need it and it's been really great.   I feel truly blessed to receive such great support.

Fifteen years is a really long time to be with one employer and in all honesty I have enjoyed the majority of my time with House Of Fraser, lets say 95% of it has been absolutely amazing, and yeah, there is always a small percentage, I've chosen 5% (rough estimate) where perhaps things haven't been all that great.   So when you think of it 5% over fifteen years isn't too bad.  But I won't talk about that 5% right now.

You always get good days and bad days in general anyway, wherever you are.   Today was a good day.   This was for two reasons.  Number 1.  As we had a member of staff off sick today my manager asked if I would like some extra hours for overtime, and do a 8.30-4.30 instead of finishing at 2pm.  From my point of view having a little overtime is amazing, and of course it means I am helping everyone else out by doing it too.  I'm not sure how much overtime will be available in the coming months so if and when it's offered I will probably take it.   Number 2.  The amount of customers who I have served today who have said to me personally, how sad they are the store is closing, and how sorry they are that I and the rest of us, are losing our jobs.   And the thing is, these are customers who I have served and really known I suppose, for years.   It really does mean a lot to me.   Every day may not be a good day between now and when we close, so when I get them I'll make sure I will enjoy them to the fullest.

Today has not been as hot as it has been all week.   That comes as a welcome relief too particularly in our House Of Fraser Lincoln store.   It can get a bit hot in there at times.  We had thunder storms last night which definitely helped, and then it rained all day today too.   Now I am just chilling out.  Watched The Incredibles tonight, which I thought was pretty cool.  They are doing a second one too which is out soon I believe, so that will be good.   I still love a fun animation movie once in a while.  I loved the characters in this movie and how they had to stop being superheroes and then came out of retirement.  It was very entertaining.  Now that I know my shop is definitely be closing next year, I need light-hearted and fun more than ever.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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