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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

What I Did On My Week Off.

I don't think I have ever had such a busy week off as I had last week.   It seemed to be all cylinders firing from the word 'go'.   We had visitors from America which was amazing and what followed was basically a jam-packed week of sight-seeing!   This is how my week went, starting from the 15th of July.


Lets just say this first day consisted of a lot of what I call 'deep cleaning' around the house.  I didn't do it all obviously, but basically it was a bit of hoovering, dusting, tidying up the garden and ironing. And at one point I do recall wiping down the staircase walls on both sides.  You think I'm joking?  Well I ain't!  So cleaning took up pretty much the entire day.   In the evening however, I did watch Thor: The Dark World whilst eating dinner.   That was good.   We all need a bit of Chris Hemsworth in our lives once in a while.


So, my car, which is a grey Ford Focus, has been making a lot of banging noises over the last few weeks which has caused me some concern.   I had intended to get it fixed earlier than I did, but anyway I booked it to be done on Monday, found out it just needed some welding and some screws basically, and whilst that was being done I went and had a mooch around the shops in Lincoln.  The car cost me £60 to get fixed so I didn't think that was too bad.  Today was also the day our visitors, Jen, Joe and Jenna from Michigan USA flew in.  We have all been chatting to them on Twitter for a couple of years now after my folks met them in Florida.  So mum and dad went and picked them up from Heathrow whilst I did a bit more cleaning.    Later on that evening I ordered pizza for Jen, Joe and Jenna because their phones aren't recognized by the pizza place with them being registered to the US.   Then I watched Pirates Of The Caribbean.


Today was the first day I met Jen, her husband Joe, and Jenna their daughter and I kid you not, it's as though I have known all of them for years.  We all just got on really well straight away.  It was really cool.   Mum did us all a cooked breakfast, then we all went into Lincoln where I showed Jenna round Lincoln, we had coffee and cake and did a bit of shopping so that was cool, and we also had a walk up the Lincoln Cathedral too which was really nice.  Then in the evening we had a meal out at our local Beefeaters!


Today was 'London' day.   I was so excited because I haven't been to London for years, my folks were too, but of course Joe, Jen and Jenna had never been before so it was extra exciting.  Woke up at 5.30am to catch the train at 7.30, or something like that, and I guess it was more of a sight-seeing trip really with it being the guys first time visiting.  I took loads of photos, like tons.  I have decided that I'm going to do a separate post for London shortly, as this one is going to end up like a novel or something if I keep going, haha!  But it was an absolutely amazing day, I'll tell you that much.


We went back up to Lincoln Castle today and did their castle tour which wasn't all that expensive, I reckon it was about £5 each or something, although we couldn't do it all as my mum, and Jen both use a wheelchair.   We managed most of it though which was cool.  We saw most of the inside of the castle and all the little rooms in the castle prison which was amazing.  I don't do heights however, so when we started doing the top of the castle I had to go back ….to safety.   I literally went really dizzy and ended up going into the cafĂ© for tea and cake.  Seriously, I am THAT bad.   I still enjoyed the day however it was very interesting exploring Lincoln's history.


Visited Scarborough today.  Told you it was a jam-packed week.  Again, not been to Scarborough for years.  This was a nice chill out day.  It was warm, but not too hot.  Had a walk along the sea front, had fish and chips which was lovely.   Had a look round the shops and took loads of pictures.  Bought a unicorn shot glass! It was a really great day.   I was pleased I didn't spend too much money as well. Though, Jenna and I did have a little go in one of the arcades places, haven't done that in years either, but it was fun.  Like I said, didn't spend TOO much.  It was just a fun day out, and that is what you need every once in a while.


This was actually my last day's holiday as my first day back in work was Sunday (tomorrow).   Today I did something I have not done before, we all went to a Medieval Banquet.   It was at Spilsby which is just outside of Lincoln.  It was literally a hog roast, three course meal, in a barn put on by people dressed in Medieval outfits, they had a King and Queen and a Jester who was just incredible, he was my favourite!  It was a really good turn out too, and all the money raised went to the upkeep of the horses of the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre.  It wasn't normally my sort of thing but it was really good.


So, I went back to work today, but I have included this day in this post because this was the last day before Jen, Joe and Jenna flew back to the USA.  Although I was working, which was a bit annoying I will admit, when I got home we all chilled out in the garden with mum and dad, and had a cream tea and just chatted in the sunshine, and it was perfect.

That concludes my week.   Don't think I have ever done so much in a week off where I have not gone abroad!  My mum even said she has not heard me laugh so much in such a long time!  It genuinely has been an amazing week.  And there are more pictures as well so will have to sort that out too.

Thanks for reading x

Bye for now!

Sarah x


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