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Friday, 17 August 2018

Cannot Believe I Am Now 35!

I used to think that '34' was my lucky number.   Don't get me wrong, I did have some amazing times between my 34th and 35th birthday.... Met my friends from America for the first time, went to London for the first time in about 10 years, I started to become more organized, had a few great nights out etc.  But on the whole, I would not class the year as being 'lucky'.   Particularly as just recently, I was NEARLY made redundant.

I am on holiday again this week, and it has been really good as it was my birthday on Sunday.   Happy Birthday to me!  I had an amazing day.  I went out and had ice cream at this place called Daisy Made near where I live, saw some animals including guinea pigs....wanted to bring one home! I didn't though!  Then had Chinese for dinner which was lovely.   My mum made me the most amazing cherry Birthday cake and I got a banoffee pie, which was amazing.  Had some for breakfast the next day.  Got to have it for breakfast, can't let it go to waste!   I also got some really great birthday presents too.

I also thought it would be cool to sneak in a picture of moi onto here too.   Wearing my new Ted Baker top that my mum and dad bought me from America last June.

I love my new Ted Baker top.  I love the style, and the shape of it because I think it's sits well and looks really flattering.   I am so pleased with it.  

As I said, I am off this week, and I am quite glad, I understand work has been a bit hectic as we have not long been taken over by this guy called Mike Ashley.  So we shall see how things work with him, and touch wood I shall still have a job after Christmas!   I have had a nice day today, been doing a bit of gardening, and colouring, sorted out some paperwork, tidied up etc.   On Monday my friend Angela, who I used to work with, visited from Skipton, so we went out for lunch and had a coffee.  Nipped into work (HOF) to see everyone, even though it's my holiday.   I didn't mind anyway.   It was just lovely to spend some time with Angela. 

Made an effort to started sorting my drawers today also.  Not my clothes drawers, I did that a few weeks ago.   These were my 'stash anything and everything, including paperwork drawers'.   They are only small drawers but you will be amazed at how much crap I can fit in them.  And there's seven of them.  But they are all tidy now, and sorted out, so that was a very good job done.  

I will admit I don't feel 35, which is a good thing I guess.  But there is time.  I have a feeling I may be feeling 35 after Christmas with everything that's been going on at work!  But it's all good fun as they say.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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