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Monday, 19 November 2018

My Weekend.

The last seven days have been of the busiest weeks I have had this year.  Just as I have started to get used to having Sports Direct as a permanent fixture in our House Of Fraser store, last week they decided, at the last minute, that we were going to be included in Black Friday.  So it was all hands on deck for a mass sale prep that launched last Friday and to continue on till next Sunday.  Stressful is not a strong enough word.

I did have one really good day last week, which was in fact my day off last Friday (timed it well) because my Mum, Dad and myself, went to see Disney On Ice in Sheffield, as part of my Dad's 60th Birthday celebrations, and it was awesome.   Here are a few pics to start.

So on Friday, we left the house at mid-day and drove to Sheffield.   First stopping off for some shopping in Meadowhall, a place I have not been for quite a number of years now.  I will have to say it look pretty spectacular with all it's Christmas decorations up.  It was fairly busy there too.  We had a look round the most important shop there....and that was the Disney Shop.   We were in the Disney Shop for quite a while.  Bought a few Christmas presents whilst I was there, and saw a ton of stuff I wanted too.  They had the store looking really nice.   What is it about the Disney Shop anyway.  You don't go in one for ages and ages, and then as soon as you do you just end up wanted to buy everything!  

I also nipped into the Meadowhall House Of Fraser and took a few photos of the Homewares floor, which did look really nice.  You can tell Sports Direct have taken over it, but like the Lincoln store, Meadowhall made it look really nice.  And it was busy in there too which is a good sign.   It will have something to do with the fact that HOF have started their Black Friday deals early, but still, a very good sign.

We stopped and had a really nice coffee mid afternoon.  I only got lost once, which I won't go too much into detail.  We went into the Harry Potter shop, that was awesome!! I wanted to buy everything that was in that shop, never mind the Disney store.   And we also went into this really quirky Myth and Magic shop too, that sold all Unicorn figures and Faeries, Dragons, gothic type stuff, right up my street.  I could have spent a fortune in there.  

I even went into the Nespresso shop, as I still love my coffee.   I really wish they had a Nespresso store in Lincoln.   They had some amazing new flavours there.   Tried a couple of course.   Got to really!  Then, moving on and changing the subject slightly, for dinner we went into Five Guys, which I have heard of, but can't think that I have ever eaten there.  Anyhoo it was wonderful in there, you could have as many toppings as you wanted on your burger, their fries were amazing, and well, lets face it, it was ten times better than McDonalds!!  I was stuffed afterwards.

Then it was the main event.  Disney On Ice: Dream Big!!  I was so excited.   We were quite a way from the stage, quite high up, but still it was a really great view.   I ended up taking a few videos whilst I was there too.  The videos definitely came out better than the photos, that I will say.  My favourite bits were Moana and Frozen, or rather Olaf.  Olaf was wonderful.   I love his costume.   And yes I was singing along to every song too, especially the Moana ones.

All the story set ups and how they were choreographed and inter-linked was amazing, and the comedy (evil step-sister, Olaf etc) was just perfect and so funny.  I kept wondering if it was hard to ice skate a such a big costume like Olaf's or Maui from Moana.   Now his costume was big, but he still managed to skate about, not much, but a bit.  

They danced to all the main songs in Aladdin, (the Genie's costume was really good) The Little Mermaid, Moana, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen, and they each did a little story 'montage' from each film, and split each of them into two parts which was quite clever, so they would do the first part of The Little Mermaid, then jump to Aladdin for the first part etc (the guy who played Aladdin was nice looking) and then in the second half of the show, they did the second parts of the movies.  I thought Frozen was probably the best out of all of them, but they were all very well told.  Cinderella's carriage was awesome.  I want one, I think they shipped that from America it was so well crafted.   It was so pretty.  Olaf was brilliant though.  He is my favourite!  Even his costume was awesome.  And he did his little song too.   He always makes me smile.

On top of everything else it was fun.  I love a good Disney sing-a-long.  I found it mesmerizing to watch all in all, with the lights and everything.  It was pretty spectacular.   If you haven't been before, and whether you have kids or not, you should definitely try and go at some point.   £26 each the tickets were, which maybe you think is a bit steep, but trust me it was well worth it.   It was a brilliant day out that's for sure.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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